At Gems and Jewels we love to recycle and redesign. Our designers are passionate
and experienced in giving jewellery new life whilst honouring its past.

Have you got Jewellery hiding away that you no longer wear, but would love to? Perhaps you have family heirlooms that you would love to make your own?

Our Team will work with you to create something you can not only cherish, but wear
and enjoy.

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Repairs & Remakes
Whilst our emotional connection to jewellery will last many lifetimes, it’s not always the case in a physical sense. Time passed means our favourite pieces may start to show wear and tear. Admiring your grandmother’s or mother’s rings closely, may reveal thinning bands from years of love. Your special pieces may require repair or even a remake to restore them to their former glory. Our jewellers’ have over 50 combined years working with repairs on the jeweller’s bench. Whether it’s Ring re-sizing, re-tipping claws or replacing stones, you can be assured your jewels are in very safe hands.
Insurance & Valuations

Having your jewellery valuated is an important part of caring for it.
Although the sentimental value and connection with our treasured pieces cannot ever be measured, we can take some comfort in knowing its monetary value.


If the unimaginable does occur, knowing the value of your jewellery will help ease some of the distress at this time. The value of jewellery can increase significantly over time, so we recommend you have your collection re-valued at least every five years.

Unfortunately accidents, loss & theft may occur; sadly we cannot bring your cherished jewellery back, however, we can assist you in your insurance claims. Having your jewellery valued at current day value will ensure your loss is minimal, and help in the replacement process. We will support you through this challenging time, and may even be able to re-create your lost jewellery.