About Us

About Us
The Gems & Jewels experience

Creating beautiful jewellery since 1985, Gems and Jewels’ incredible team has a combined experience of over 100 years. A team that encompasses a vision inspired and lead by Creative Director Suzy Allan.  Suzy’s team of professionals; Jewellers, Gemmologists, Designers and Client Liaisons, are passionate and committed to providing their clients with excellence.

Suzy Allan, Creative Visionary

Suzy Allan created Gems and Jewels more than 30 years ago, with a desire to connect people with moments, and an experience they will cherish forever. But her own connection with jewellery started much earlier than that…

Suzy’s intrigue with jewellery is a story that begins as a small child. Her mother loved jewellery and appreciated quality over quantity. Believing she was the custodian of a piece until it passed through her hands to another, through generations and the passage of time. An opinion that imprinted on Suzy at young age and evoked a passion for her own business and creativity.

The Gems and Jewels showroom is a deliberate expression of Suzy’s creativity. A warm serene space where dreams really can come true.

Suzy is inspired by nature and acknowledges the privilege in which to create beautiful pieces from it. Her designs have been cutting edge in jewellery fashion for 35 years, using Rose Gold in her designs long before it was mainstream. She loves travelling the world to forage and nourish her creative mind, and most importantly stimulate her artistic soul.

A note from Suzy, The Mysterious Drawer

How could l have possibly known where this mysterious draw would lead me? It was the most comforting place at the age of 7. Overflowing with my Mother’s memories, this drawer held cherished letters, trinkets and tiny little boxes.

As Mum hummed and kneaded her bread, I would explore the treasures that lay inside. With each box I retrieved, a story was told.

Now cherished are these tiny little talismans of my mothers. Although not worth a fortune and nor do l care, they hold such value and purpose for me. My very own personal time travellers; reminding me of my mother, and the spirit and energy she had in life. Taking me back to that very kitchen; where she made bread, and I listened, as she told stories evoked from that mysterious magical drawer.

Jewellery is but tiny little art works, here to help us tell stories. Hold our memories, celebrate tradition, express love, and show gratitude.

As you read this, hold your jewellery in your hands and go travelling in time. Let it take you back to a moment and place that brings you joy, and a feeling of love.

Thank you for taking a trip back in time with me, the beginning of my story and my love of Jewellery.

Much love, 

Suzy x

Written ever so subtlety on a wall overlooking our creative space, are the words of the Artist’s Creed by Jan Phillips. A powerful verse that reminds us of our commitment to beauty and creativity, and a life force known to us, and by us.